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Don’t blink. Because any image of an angel becomes itself an angel, and at this rate, even thinking of an angel is going to conjure an angel because screwing with people’s minds is fun….

In approximately 6 hours 7 minutes, I will be glued to my TV trying not to blink because the season 7 finale of Doctor Who will be aired on BBC America.

This means I’ll spend most of my evening screaming into my blanket in terror because the infernal mind that came up with weeping angels is crazed. Seriously, the person who came up with the concept of weeping angels is a colossal douche (and I’m being nice). Now, I don’t handle horror that well to begin with, so to make me afraid of every statue is just… mean.  It’s mean. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’d purposely blinked in front of a couple statues just to make sure I was not going to get sent back in time or flat out murdered.

I was fine with the concept of the angels as they were at first introduced (the whole killing slowly but humanely by sending the victim back in time). However, when I saw the episode where they started snapping people’s necks and whatnot, I was not okay with it. That was a very not okay thing to do! So, now that the Doctor and Amy and Rory are hanging out in my country finding aliens and whatnot, to bring in weeping angels is awful. All the whovians are speculating what’s going to happen to Amy and Rory and I must admit I’m curious. But what I really want to know is if the statue of liberty is a weeping angel or not. 

Because if it is France… I hope the Eiffel tower is a giant homing beacon for an invading hoard of brain slugs.