This is something I really needed to hear today, and it’s worth a read if you are feeling overwhelmed or captive to your life. Puts things in perspective.


You know those weeks. One thing tumbles into the next. Events roll one on top of another. You free fall into the skies without a parachute attached to slow the landing. Is there an ending? Daily routines evaporate into the nanosphere of Never Mind.

It isn’t always a crisis that causes you to become unglued. The Great Dane knocks you over like you are a feather.

I could not write. Words stared at me on the page, mocking my every word with mental taunting if I dared pen a sentence. I find little comfort in repeating my complaints to the clerk at Wal-Mart as she feigns interest in my petty problems. Therein lies the problem: that same clerk had no water at her apartment for a week because she couldn’t afford to pay her bill. Her third boyfriend this year moved out, which was a relief when she looked back. She was…

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