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Karma: Encouraging people to lead good lives since the beginning of time.

This is going to go in the “Musings on Society” page, so be forewarned that it is naught but a rant on the things I hate about society. If you do not want to read such a rant, best overlook this musing.

One thing in this world that I cannot stand is people that have no consideration for others. We all know them, we’ve all met them. They could be the family member that never acts like they care, the coworker who specifically throws you under the bus come every meeting, and of course that guy who cuts in line and then looks at you as if you are not fit to grace the face of our lovely planet. I’m sure everyone reading this right now is thinking of at least one person.

It puzzles me how these people look at themselves in the mirror every morning. I wonder if they are proud of themselves, or if they think about the people they’ve hurt…  I wonder if they regret some of the things they’ve done, or if they just shrug and go about their day like they aren’t a walking piece of destruction. It astounds me the amount of pain and total devastation they can cause other people just to get what they want, and I just don’t understand.

I’ve noticed that most of the people that practice such behaviors are very manipulative and two faced about their needs and various ambitions. Most play the victim and cry about how someone in their life hurt them and they can’t deal with it, so the only solution they have is to go and hurt other people (I’ve seriously heard this, I’m not kidding). It’s almost like they construct an alternate world where they are not the actual people they are, therefore they are not the cause of everything that transpires. It’s frustrating, hurtful, devastating, and it causes the most intolerable anguish imaginable. Especially because it’s unnecessary.

It unnecessary because with a support system, that destructive need is invalidated. I believe that a support system that holds a person accountable for their actions and provides the love and encouragement that is paramount to sound living. This support system doesn’t have to be family… it can be friends, coworkers, clubs… anywhere there are like-minded people that will love you. There is no reason to hurt people. Ever. 

But it still happens… these people still exist. I’ve had the sad pleasure of meeting many of these people in my day and have a plethora of tire marks over my body to prove it (and man that bus was huge). There is perhaps nothing I hate more than being completely screwed over by someone, except of course getting on that damn high road, slapping a smile on my face, and trying to forgive the person that had no problems doing whatever it was in the first place. Look, sometimes I honestly deserve getting a taste of my own medicine and getting royally screwed. If I deserve it, and I know I do, I can handle it a bit better. But when it comes out of left field, it’s rough and cruel. But I am in complete and total shock right now because I have recently been witness to the most soul crushing display put on by a person such as this.

This person managed to completely rip apart someone else’s playroom and steal the stuffed animal that was the most precious to them. Once they had the toy and no one else could have it, they just tossed it in the trash because it now meant nothing to them. Or, in this case, they cheated on it.  I am still aghast. I literally cannot wrap my mind around this happening. The toy wasn’t that innocent to begin with, in fact, it deserved quite a bit of karma. But karma is beautifully ruthless. This person (the toy as referred to in my story) didn’t deserve that treatment. No one does. Ever. No matter how bad they are or whatever mistakes they make. And I have no reason to be, but I’m deeply hurt by this even though it doesn’t involve me.

Damn empathy.

Anyway, one thing I got out of this entire story is as follows: sooner or later, karma catches up with you. And it will destroy you. I will admit that I strive my best to be a good person because I believe it makes a difference in the world, as small as it is… But I’m terrified of misstepping and getting a taste of karma. We all should be. But take heart my fellow high-road people: Karma does come back and it will be powerful enough for you to send up a little prayer saying “Stop, please. They’ve had enough and it’s hurting me just thinking about it.”

Except the person that took the toy. I will never have empathy for them. Never. Because someone loved that stuffed animal more than life itself and now I have a huge mess of people, pain, and anguish to deal with.