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I am a firm believer that the best things in life are the small things. I love the seemingly insignificant gestures that most people think nothing about, like holding the door open for a stranger or offering hand sanitizer to another germophobe in distress (door handles during lunch time in a restaurant that doesn’t have bathrooms… enough said).

I like the idea of “paying it forward”, meaning that when I’m joyful and in public, I try to do unprovoked acts of kindness for days like today. Today, I was the sullen stranger reeking of bad mood and suppressed hostility (traffic was terrible again today and I had so many problems to deal with at work, problems that are going to continue to spill over for probably the next week until I can sort them all out).

So always remember to do small kind things for strangers, because my terrible day was completely turned around by random acts of kindness. And if you are one of those people, thank you. It honestly can make all the difference.