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Monday musings from a jaded ex retail slave:

If I want to buy things, I will search out what I want. I do not need someone else to tell me what I want. Do not tag me, message me, text me, call me, show up on my porch, show up at my job, email me, write me, send me a fax, send me a smoke signal, or attack me in the middle of a store when I’m minding my own business picking up some bread.

I’ll be nice and say “No thank you”, but it will annoy me. So no, I don’t want the latest installment of something I know nothing about, I have no need for a $50 strawberry slicer (I already have a knife), I don’t care who you are voting for because I’ve already cast my ballot, I don’t need a new windshield, and don’t even get me started on scented paper, this is not Legally Blonde 2.

On a completely unrelated note, liking blog posts and commenting is sacred. I love sharing ideas with people, I like amusing them with my misadventures, I like telling others that they are talented writers. I don’t want to click on a like expecting to learn about a new fascinating person and end up on some site selling products to increase my blog traffic. It’s just as annoying as the idiot knocking at my door trying to sell me more crap I neither know nor care about.