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I originally started this post and then banished it to the draft section to languish with random half typed posts such as “To that driver in the black Lexus”, “My family”, and “Why are the crazies everywhere?!?”.  It’s been staring at me for a few days while I mulled over the direction I wanted my life to go. Well, I’ve decided and I figured I’d share. Now, if you’ve been following my blog or reading my previous entries, you know that I’m not exactly thrilled with the relationship status quo of society (aka. drama everywhere and lazy quitters) or men in general.

I can hear the collective sighing of decent straight men everywhere reading this and wondering when the berating of their gender will ever end. The answer is: Never. I’ve met quite a few decent men in my life, but they’ve either been elusive, not interested, or family members (and that’s 20 types of illegal right there).

Now, getting back on point: I’ve decided that I’m going to stay single until I find something I don’t want to live without. That’s saying a lot. I’m always very sensitive to people and their feelings, I’m the type of person that loves relationships. I’m a giver, a nurturer. However, I feel like being in another committed relationship right now might not be the best course of action because I deserve better than what I’ve been getting. I don’t want “right now”, I want forever. I’m tired of the lies, the games, the bullshit excuses people come up with, and I’m so, so tired of the drama. So from now on, I’m sailing the ship of one and being damn happy about it. Now that I have been single for quite a while, I don’t feel like giving up the things I’m accustomed to for a substandard reason. There are lots of awesome things about being single, like:

  1. Being able to go wherever you want whenever you want
  2. No awkward family obligations
  3. No fighting over the remotes or the channel or even what movie to watch
  4. No need to awkwardly introduce your significant other to your male friends
  5. Unlimited uninterrupted reading time
  6. One less Christmas gift
  7. No fighting over chores
  8. No doing laundry, no making soup, no sitting with them when they are sick and miserable
  9. No suspicious smells
  10. No one drinking the last of the milk and not replacing it
  11. No annoying habits
  12. No attitude
  13. No dishes left in the sink and socks on the floor
  14. No snoring
  15. No questions of “So what are you making for dinner?”
  16. No sharing my bathroom
  17. No puppy dog eyes and pleading
  18. No thinking about whether or not you can do something pending the incoming car payment, rent payment, or any future investment for which you are going to have to pool your combined savings
  19. No “Can you turn that down?” or “I don’t like that band, switch it please.”
  20. No guilt about turning down a request from someone, because no one has any right to ask anything of you

So I shall sail the mighty seven seas on my ship of one. If I do get the pleasure of meeting someone I don’t want to be without, I will happily settle in again. I already know what it takes to make a relationship and everything I’m signing on for, so I know I’m ready to take this on, but only with the right person. Hopefully a person as sick and tired of this dating crap who is ready to give it up and move forward with life.

But I’m not giving up my reading time, and they’d better not drink the last of the milk.