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This hilarious, sarcastic, curse filled song is brought to you by people that don’t pay their medical bills. Yes, I’m talking about the ones who walk away from thousands of dollars in unpaid charges, who change their addresses and phone numbers and vanish into the night never to be seen again. I wonder if they ever think about the people that depend on their payment? Probably not.

Such is the life of an insurance billing administrator. So everyone, if you don’t have the money for medical treatments, we understand. We do. Just call us and work out a payment plan. Don’t ruin the first two weeks of our month every month making us chase after you and track calls and bills… either pay or tell us point blank you aren’t going to so we can send you to collections and be done with it. Because I end up in this mood.

The best part? I have a stack of paper 5 inches high sitting on my desk waiting for tomorrow morning, and I only have two middle fingers. Damn.