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I just had my first introduction to asshole commenters on WordPress, so now I’m mad, I’m going to rant, and you are welcome to read it.

First off, what gives anyone the right to tell the writer of a blog what they can and can’t write about? Nothing. So shut the hell up.

Second, what gives people the right to say that the writer of the blog they follow can’t write? Well if that person can’t write, why are you following? Shut up, click the unfollow button, and move on with your life.

Third, it is not okay to ever call people names or say that you wished something awful would befall upon them. Don’t curse them out, don’t tell them you wish they’d die. It’s a freaking opinion piece not the newly cemented laws of the universe.

Fourth, don’t make fun of someone’s age. Ever. It doesn’t matter, so why even go there?

I mean really, I’d like to think that most of us are way better than that. You can’t click the follow button and expect to agree with someone all the time. You also can’t request what you think they should write about unless invited to, or say that you don’t think they are living up to your expectations. How important do you honestly think you are? It’s a privilege to read what people decide to share about their lives, not a God given right. There are unspoken rules of etiquette that still must be followed. Well, unless you are a complete dick; then I guess they suddenly don’t apply to you.