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So, an update on the crazy coworker. If you have not already done so, please read “Toilet Trouble” in the Drama section. That will give you some background as to what I’m dealing with here.

So apparently, Monday is going to be my day to be picked on from now on. Usually she zones in on one of us and makes our days shit with her bitchy comments and uncooperative behavior. Well, today was no different. She decided to pick up phone calls and be completely rude to whoever was on the other end. I’d love to know if her reaction was justly deserved, but she whirled around and got in my face about daring to ask her. My bad, didn’t get the memo that the phone calls you mishandle are suddenly not my problem, seeing as I’m second on the phones and when they call back later I’ll have to deal with their complaints… 

As if that wasn’t bitchy enough, she attempted to tell me that I couldn’t take Thursday and Friday off for my vacation because I didn’t mark it on the calendar. Well, the Dr. is out of town and I cleared my days off with the entire office a month ago, so… yeah. Her reasoning? “Well, I decided I’m going to take those days off.” Big deal. We work on opposite sides of the practice, we have nothing in common job wise at all. When I gave her my best “your argument is invalid, eat shit and die” look, she proceeded to get all huffy and attempted to go after the office lead. Well, that did not go well for her at all, as we already coordinated our schedules for the week.

My sole comfort on days like this are the nice people I encounter, like the valet for the building. He ran all the way across the parking lot when he saw I had my hands full, opened the door for me, and listened to my full rant on the events of the day while I waited for the elevator. A similar thank you goes out the our regular UPS guy, who also detests the crazy coworker because she made him move a delivery a million times and treated him like a total idiot. We bonded that day, so now the practical jokes have begun.

So once again, please think about the harassed looking people you see out and about, either randomly walking or on their lunch break. Do something nice for them, no matter how small. Sometimes, it’s the only thing they need to put a smile back on their face and some hope for humanity in their hearts.