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This entry will be short, sweet, and victorious. Just how I like it.

Number 14 on The List is “Do something unexpected.”

Now, most of you know I have a love of baking (after all, that’s what you do after dramatic life events… bake and eat your feelings!).  As a result of this love, I possess a jumbo muffin tin.

I’m going to let that sink in. Are you thinking of double chocolate muffins the size of a small child yet?

Yeah. It’s awesome.

Now, a friend of mine loves my jumbo muffins. He practically begs for them (my cinnamon strusel are to die for according to various sources). Anyway, he was entering a cupcake contest today and he needed a jumbo muffin tin. As fine and dandy as this was, he did not reach me before I arrived at work, tinless. His face fell as he realized he’d have to use… regular muffin tins. This is tragic. Verily.

He also didn’t know he needed eggs to make authentic butter cream frosting. I got tasked with the grocery store run for eggs, cupcake wrappers, and bananas. As I walked up to the section of the store that has the wrappers, I looked over and saw…. a jumbo muffin tin.

So I bought it and hauled it back to the kitchen. His face lit up like a Christmas tree when he realized that he could make a rainbow brony cupcake. I shook my head and walked away.

Now he too can know the joy of over-sized baked goods. Too bad he wanted to make a “My Little Pony” cupcake.

Dude’s 20. He needs to get it together.