This is both hilarious and true. A worthy read for all!

Mightier Than The Pen

Jerusalem (AP) – Scott Carter, 22, of Louisville, Kentucky, came to the Holy Land a year ago after finishing his undergraduate degree in Religious Studies at Bob Jones University. He spends his days plastering flyers about Jesus on various surfaces throughout town, in the bizarre belief that it will result in something.

“It’s my responsibility as a member of the human race to make sure no one is denied the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior,” said the inexplicably naïve Carter, whose years in academia should have exposed him to the fact that people really don’t give a damn about his message. “I come with a message of peace and love,” he continued, leaving unmentioned the eternal suffering and shame he foresees for anyone who declines to accept that message.

Carter chose specifically to come to Christ’s old stomping grounds because, ironically, so many of the…

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