I could not have said this better. My fellow “life bloggers” will really enjoy this post. Give it a read!

Going Forward

When I was a kid … well, all through my life, actually … when I would lament to my mother that other people of my acquaintance seemed to prosper despite being shady, arrogant, abrasive, manipulative, unkind, or even outright criminal, she would gently admonish me, “don’t be like them.” I cannot count how many times she said those words to me.

So while I was careening wildly across town late yesterday afternoon in search of fresh crab, I passed a reader board that nearly made me stand on my brakes:

It’s a constant battle to be true to yourself and your own beliefs and values when others use those very beliefs and values (such as being non-violent or generous or forgiving) against you. It’s tempting to drop to the level of those around you who seem to be getting ahead by the meanest of tactics, or at least play their…

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