I love this and couldn’t have said it better myself. Especially because poetry and I make hilarious fails instead of thought provoking and beautiful writings. My fellow poetry admirers will find Nat’s reflection inspiring and empowering. I encourage you to read 🙂


A weight has been lifted.

The veil has been released.

My eyes have been opened.

A moment of inner peace.

My mind has concluded

that you are not the one for me.

Nothing you say can change this.

Anger has led me to release.

Emotions pent up for so long.

Too much time spent with blame.

I felt responsible all along.

For what was ultimately your shame.

I speak my truth

for all to hear.

I shout it to you

without doubt or fear.

My mind is made up.

The conclusion has been made.

I will not go backwards.

But will prosper everyday.

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