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If you don’t watch Doctor Who, do skip this else you’ll think I’m an even bigger nerd than you already do. If you decide to read this, spoilers. I will ruin everything for you. You will cry.

Okay, first off….

*Enter fangirl screaming combined with various sobbing noises and uncoordinated jumping*

Now that all that is out of my system, let’s begin. That special was, quite frankly, amazing. But I’d like to state something before getting into my various nerdy discussion:

Steven Moffat…. screw you! Why do you have to make even the most innocent of things (like snow, statues, and ice ponds) so goddamn terrifying? I’d be cowering in my closet if it was snowing here, but thankfully, it’s like… 70. I’m never making a snowman. Ever. But if I see someone else making one, I’m going to mirror everything they say to completely freak them out.

So… carnivorous snowmen. It took me exactly 2 minutes to find something else to be terrified of. As of now, no statue is allowed in my presence unless someone is always looking at it (that’ll be fun to explain to my great grandchildren “In my day… statues came alive and sent you back in time when they didn’t snap your neck or murder you in a horrific way…).

Enter Clara! I adored the first character Jenna-Louise Coleman played (Oswin)… I loved her performance in “Asylum of the Daleks”… she’s going to make an amazing companion. I already like her more than I ever liked Rose or Donna, which is great because Karen Gillan is going to be a tough act to follow. Now, the Doctor spends most of the episode being pissed off and talking about the good ol’ days. I hate it when he gets all angsty. It’s not like Amy and Rory met an unhappy end, in fact… all things considered, they lived a very wonderful life.

And he’s talking out all his aggression on the poor little potato guy. “Psychotic potato dwarf?” Mean! It’s not his fault he looks like a potato! Also, why does every special wax on about it being the last winter of mankind. It’ll never be the last winter because… reasons.

Next Christmas I want a memory worm.

I think Oswin is going to make a great companion because she’s so devious… I like that. I mean, she lives two lives, she chases down carriages and climbs on top of them, she comes up with just the right words to say (even when being followed by snowmen)… and she is an expect stalker.

Also, I absolutely love the scenery and costuming for this episode. It’s almost as good as the concept of the invisible spiral staircase leading to the clouds. And of course, the Tardis remodel. But I think one of the best parts is when he dresses up as Sherlock Holmes. I’d be lying if I didn’t shriek and pray for Benedict Cumberbatch to appear… alas, illogical. But I can dream right?

When Oswin said she liked to make souffles, I started crying (yes, I know. It’s a show. It’s just a show. But I’m a gigantic baby). It was so painfully obvious that she was Oswin from the asylum, I’d been hoping she was a different Oswin. I can’t wait to see how her transition into the show and background is handled… they have so much to work with.

Bottom line is that this season is going to be awesome.