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58. Spend less time social networking – deactivate Facebook account if necessary.

I hate FacebookI hate my Facebook especially. I check it once a month now because the freaking thing gives me a stomach ulcer! I’ve had an account for about 3 years, and the only thing to come of it was endless drama. I did not know going in that the size of your Facebook account determined your worth as a person. Seriously, at one point I had like… 130 friends and I didn’t like any of them but I was still judged by those who had 1000+ friends. Coworkers, extended family, weird messages… It’s just not worth it.

I cleaned out my account in waves… first the coworkers, then the extended family, then my faux friends… now I have a collection of 16 pretty cool people. Now, these people are pretty cool because they don’t really social network either! So why is there so much drama? Well, because of Facebook’s new (and incredibly shitty) privacy settings. I have people messaging me that I don’t want to hear from! I just don’t. They are former friends, ex-boyfriends, people that don’t like me… I mean seriously. I had the “friends only” messaging setting on for a reason, and now the damn thing doesn’t exist anymore. What is the point of having a secure Facebook? There is no such thing anymore! It’s only a matter of time before some past creeper comes creeping all up in my business!

I feel hunted!! So I’m thinking that it might be a great idea for me to close my Facebook account after my trip to Spain. I enjoy the people on my Facebook currently, but they can text me. My number is like the holy grail and everyone I don’t like gets immediately rejected.

The only thing I need to really watch is my blog. I’ve been on it a freaking ton because I’ve had all my days off… but in the future I need to limit my computer time. I just got rid of one social networking addiction, I don’t need to pick up a blogging addiction.

Well, any more of a blogging addiction than I already have…