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I’m used to getting on here and berating people within an inch of their very existence for making traffic gaffes and threatening my safety. My “Road Rage Mondays” section is sarcastic, snarky gold (if I don’t say so myself).

Well, today I got a slap in the face. I became that idiot… and I almost slammed my car into someone who was doing everything right. Sometimes, my brain just switches off when I drive, especially if I’m on a road I drive on all the time. During my drive to work this morning, I was thinking about suicide and the people in my life that have been affected by it. I guess it was a deep subject because apparently I didn’t notice the traffic signal, or I… I have no clue what the hell happened. My music was super low, I never text and drive… if anything my commute was more attentive than usual. All I remember was being far away from the light, then there was nothingness, and then I was 20 feet from the light, and it was red. I slammed on my brakes, but the road was wet and I slid…

Shit, I’m an idiot.
and slid….
Why am I not stopping?
and then I slid right over the white lines….
I’m not going to stop in time
and then there was a blue truck to my left
I’m going to broadside him, what the hell happened? I never saw the light, he… I’m going to hit him.
And I saw the driver through the tinted windows, a man on his cell phone…
All I kept thinking was how I was just not going to make it. There was no way I was going to be able to stop.

I didn’t stop, but I slowed down enough for him to clear the front of my car, then I think I just punched the gas and GTFO’d of the intersection.

Now somewhere in the midst of the complete embarrassment and bewilderment, I still couldn’t figure out what the hell happened. I cannot completely recall the events that took me to that intersection, all that happened with the sliding and the stopping, but I know damn good and well that I vividly remember the rest of my drive for the day.

So this is a post saying that people are stupid and they are sucky drivers… but every so often, a normally adequate driver can completely screw up.

I’m going to now go bury my shame and embarrassment in hot cocoa, thankful that I didn’t hurt someone else by being a complete fucking dumbass.