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Well everyone, my redneck side is coming out. Y’all have had a front row seat to my personal growth initiatives for a few months, and I think you’ve gotten more of the sober and reflective side of things for a while. The more I stabilize and get reacquainted with… well, me… the more I notice that I smothered a lot of crap. Part of those smothered things were the traits I acquired from where I grew up.

I’ve lived in the deep south all my life. I wasn’t brought here, I didn’t move here… I’ve lived in the same city and the same house for my entire life. Well, my house is located in a nature lover’s paradise… well, it would be if I wasn’t surrounded by confederate flags (as we used to say at work… “The South will rise again!!”). I love the food, the music, not so much the culture, but as much as I’d like to say I reflect a traditional and boring suburban upbringing, I reflect the deep south redneck culture.

A few of you might not be familiar with the term “redneck”, so here’s a link. I’m one of those who uses the term with pride. It’s not derogatory anymore, it just means that you associate with a culture steeped in history (although most of it was quite bad). Now, there are some people that literally have not evolved an inch from the Civil War. But about 90% of us are as normal as could be expected. We just like trucks, southern music, comfort food, nature, and rural living. No sky-high high rises for us… hell, we don’t even have city mandated water systems. And a bunch of us know how to live off the land by gardening, raising cattle, and hunting. By bunch, I mean my parents and everyone else, but not me because I figure if shit goes down, we’re all going to die anyway.

To Do: Find a man who lives like a Doomsday Prepper…

Anyway, today I spent the day doing things I haven’t for a long time. Very little TV or electronic time, but lots of crap got done anyway. First off, I got my workout clothes on and powered my way through a ton of chores. Then I got out my soldering tools and did some repairs…

Side Note: I am she-woman! I don’t need no man to do my small scale welding! I can burn the shit out of everything all by myself!

Then I ate some southern style mac and cheese and listened to a shitload of country music. By the way, the people that hate country music haven’t listened to enough of it…. yet. Anyway, I’m somehow getting to the point of all this being relevant. Bear with me for a few more rambling paragraphs.

So today I was nominated for an award by the lovely Rebecca, who can be found here. I must admit that I laughed when I read how she identifies with my angry rantings and thoughts, especially the one I had recently about chasing down happy people. Like I said earlier, I don’t see the harm in revving my engine and doing some offroading… behind an adorable happy couple that make me sick to my stomach with righteous envy and bitter regret.

Yeah, I’ve got issues. What about it?

Anyway, because I’ve been reveling in my culture all day, I felt it applicable to dedicate this song to Rebecca and I. So Rebecca, from the deep south to the UK… screw love and happy people. We shall listen to angry country songs because it makes us (well, me at least) feel better. And thanks for the award!