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Now, don’t hate me for this everyone.

I’m sitting here, minding my own business, watching “Taboo” on NatGeo when what do I see? Another dating website advertisement. This one was slightly different and made me stop eating (as an inner fatass, this clearly shows my level of bewilderment). I really hate all commercials for dating websites anyway (but that’s another subject entirely). However, the holiday season is rife with despair for singles everywhere, so I’ve become desensitized to the siren song of “Lonely? So alone? So painfully singular in a world full of the happiness and joy that can never be yours? Want to fill that hollow void? Want to fill that gaping hole in your soul with something other than ice cream? Filled with self-loathing? Bitter regret? Good. Go to this website, pay for us to give you a bunch of random, stupid ass questions, and we’ll pair you up with someone was unhappy as you.”

Wonderful am I right? Not all dating websites are like that, and I’ve heard that several are very reputable. However, that brings me no consolation when I’m watching the TV and all I get are commercials for weird ass dating sites. There is one for farmers, several for specific age groups, several for certain religious denominations, sexual orientations… hell, what’s next? “If you love the color purple, here’s the dating website for you! Only purple lovers allowed here!”

Give me a freaking break! What happened to getting your ass out in the world and going places, doing things, meeting like-minded people? What the hell happened with that shit? Annnnnd I’m off topic. Getting back on my train of thought.

TheΒ commercialΒ I just saw was for “blackpeoplemeet.com” Where only black people are allowed. Like, what? If there was a site called “whitepeoplemeet.com” I’d immediately think that the KKK are trying to up the ante. “brownpeoplemeet.com” just sounds offensive (and I’m as white as snow). Controversial? Yeah. Racist? Yes, I just said the R word (which is too controversial all in itself), but this is for evaluation so it doesn’t automatically make it so.

I have a problem with this website specifically because it singles out people based on something they have no control over. Every other dating site is based on things you can control, like the age group you are interested in, your personal religious beliefs, even where you live. These are things you can change, but you can’t change your skin color, and why the hell would you? [Michael Jackson reference here] And should you be pigeon holed into only dating people of one specific race? I mean, it’s not like awesome people belong to only one group, and we all came from Africa anyway.

So yeah… maybe I’m reading too much into this. It annoys me, but not to the point I would actually do anything about it. I consider it a bit off-color (pun totally intended), but hey, if that’s the website people want to use, why not? But if some snarky smartass comes up with “whitepeoplemeet.com” I don’t want to hear anything about it. Because you know that there will always be those types of people.

So my readers, in the words of Daniel Tosh… “Is it racist?”

Share your thoughts and opinions below, and let’s have a discussion about this!


Yes: 0% <– This makes me really happy, let’s keep it that way. Please?

Depends: 33%

No: 66%