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I’m leaving for Spain in 5 days.

I have no clue what the hell to bring.

My laundry is piled in my garage.

I’m at work trying to frantically get everything settled while I’m still here.

I left my retainer in bleach for 2 days just because I was in such a fog, I didn’t notice.

Somehow I thought carrots counted as dessert when I packed my lunch today, and now I’m sad.

I’m avoiding the valet who was flirting with me because he forgot to take off his wedding ring one day. Asshat.

Tomorrow is Taco Tuesdaze, and I’m so tired of dealing with people I’m ordering out on Wednesday and dragging it back to my desk.

The brake light in my car came on and I have no idea why.

I just remembered I don’t have a complete travel kit.

Oh, and I was a hermit all weekend so I have to go out and buy my nook after work.

I’m getting some weird requests for crap to bring back. A flan mold is at the top of the list currently.

If I’m gifted with that special time of the month when I’m travelling, I might become an irate flight risk.

I love travelling, but I hate dumbass flyers. I’m hoping my happiness will carry me through my trip. If not, I hope there are no screaming children and that no one on the plane has duct tape. I don’t do the “forcibly restrained” thing.


I’m a hot mess. And I’m not loving it. Hell no. [Cobra Starship reference]