Alright guys, I’ve been slacking lately (posting videos instead of actual posts) and I know that.

I just wanted to drop a quick line and let everyone know what I’m currently working on:

1. Packing (which will never get done… just saying).

2. Several answers to the Swift Expression prompts (because someone (Tilda) is always finding interesting things I want to write about and respond to!)

3. Nursing my wounded hand… it was ripped apart in the epic battle of the pork rinds. My wonderful father left an empty bag of pork rinds in the trashcan. He thought that because that particular trash can was in his man-cave, Flash would leave it alone. Well last night, I was cursing up a storm after being awoken (at O dark 30) by freaking crinkling… I found a furry Flash ass sticking out of an overturned trash can, so I picked him up and figured I’d move him to the side and get rid of the pork rinds. Well, demon cat had a tantrum and raked me with his claws… I have a scratch the wraps around my wrist, curves all over the top of my right hand, and ends right near the tip of my ring finger. That furry asshole is talented… I look like a Christmas turkey. Hehehe… get it? Carved? Like a Christmas turkey? …. Just me? Okay.

4. I want to round out the “I Am” series.

5. A post about my parents (although I’ll save that for their anniversary).

6. A post about my progress on The List (I’m still on “assuming” and I think I’ll be there until the day I die)

7. My changing outlook on my future (I think it would be something a lot of my readers can relate to… might be fun to have a discussion)

8. Surrogacy and my brother (Rebecca knows a bit about this, but I don’t think anyone else does).

9. Adoption and my fear that I’ll never have children of my own one day

10. My sheer terror that I’ll want to be a full parent to the child I’ll carry for my (adopted) brother and his husband… (If my baby has two Dads, surely I can be called Mommy instead of Auntie… right?)

11. Single life forever?

12. Vocation to the religious life and other swear words…

So anyway, back to work for now. Hopefully I’ll be writing this evening instead of running around my house chattering about things that don’t make sense and removing Flash from my suitcases over and over again (“Sissy, I wanna go tooooo!”)…

Also, I’m behind on comments and feedback. I’ve read almost everything y’all posted, but didn’t have time to formulate a decent comment (95% of the time). Don’t feel neglected! I’ll make it up as soon as I can.