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In the last edition of this series, found here, I discussed some things about me that many people don’t know. I might expand on the section in the future, but right now time does not permit such endeavors. This section is going to focus on morals and I’m going to borrow some questions from Swift Expression, and then make a couple of my own.

1. Something forbidden you’ve done that might even surprise your closest friends.

I keep all things said to me in the strictest confidence. I am the keeper of a thousand people’s darkest secrets, and that’s fine with me because they aren’t my secrets. However, I’ve broken my word on several occasions to seek advice for my friends who were in dangerous situations. I’m known for keeping the trust of those I care about, so many people would be surprised I’d break it.

2. You’re most recent lie.

Well, I didn’t lie, but I did dance around the subject of lunch today. I don’t like running errands for other people… if they want a drink, they can bring one. I’m not a pack mule, thanks. So I didn’t decide on where I was going for lunch until I was there, even though I’d been planning on eating there all day. It’s not my fault I’m so indecisive… 😉

3. When you are late for an appointment, do you lie or tell the truth?

Lying always bites me in the ass. I’d tell the truth. Just my luck, if I told someone my car broke down, it would actually break down. In the middle of the night. While I was alone. In the rain. On a night when I forget my cell phone.

4. How far would you go to protect someone you love?

I stop at illegal because I wouldn’t do well in jail. But I would do anything, and I mean anything else. I’ve lied to people before, hid things from them intentionally… honestly, I think that anyone else would do those things for the people they love.

5. What is one thing that you could never sacrifice?

Prior promises. I’ve lost some people in my life because I refused to go back on the promises I’ve made. For example, I told an ex “It’s my job to take care of my parents in their old age… if you don’t like that, too bad.” Same thing with my brother… some people have issues with him because he’s gay, and those people get shown the door. I don’t sacrifice the people already in my life for those new to it.

6. What is a lie you tell yourself?

That the things I do every day don’t even matter.

7. What is something you have stolen that was not worth the risk?

I’ve actually never stolen anything. My parents were super strict, so I didn’t even have the chance to wander a store unattended. I never had the opportunity really… for that I’m grateful.

8. One person you have killed in your thoughts…

Just one? That’s sad.

Hrm…. myself. I was going to start naming people, but the truth is that I do more stupid things than anyone else. The main part in all my bad situations is… me. So I’m going to kill my old self and all the stupid choices she made.

9. What is one thing in the world you are addicted to?


10. What are the drugs you have tried in the past?

I’ve never tried illegal drugs. The only drugs I’ve had were prescription. The first was Amoxacillin (I think that’s spelled right) and I ended up having a reaction to it. I tried to start Junel to regulate my periods and I almost ended up in the ER. I got a severe stomach virus and I was given something to help the nausea, but I ended up curled up in a fetal position for several days because I got all the side affects listed. I also tried Midol one time and ended up shaking uncontrollably and talking a mile a minute (I slept for a week to recover). So basically, I can’t even do prescription drugs when I’m super sick or regular things when I’m uncomfortable… forget illegal stuff. Plus, unless crack is covered by insurance, it’d be too damn expensive.

11. Have you ever gone through someone’s personal belongings without permission?

As a sibling, you bet damn well I have. My sister’s closet, my brother’s phone…

12. If yes, describe your reason:

Curiosity. Neither of them do anything remotely bad, so I assume I was bored and curious.

13. If yes, what did you discover?

My brother’s collection of inappropriate media. It was so horrible… I ended up shrieking and he just laughed and laughed. He likes to tell that story to his friends and I suspect he always will.

14. Would you tolerate infidelity?


15. Have you cheated on someone?

No, and I never will. I don’t get into relationships because I’m lonely, I enter them out of love. If you truly love someone, you don’t cheat on them. I understand that people make mistakes, but cheating is a hurtful choice.

16. What is a time that you have intentionally hurt someone emotionally?

My last relationship. I got hurt, I lashed out. It was wrong, unfair, horrible, and something I’ve learned from. I’ll never do that again.

17. Have you apologized?

A million times, but it will never be enough. When I screw up, I do it 1057393600%

18. What is a time you have accidentally hurt someone emotionally?

I was joking with my Mom and I told her that my sister has always been her favorite. I told her she didn’t even have to pretend like that wasn’t the truth. Then she started crying and I felt like the worst person on the face of the Earth.

19. Have you ever owed someone money and not paid it back?

Not really. My parents let me use their credit cards for big purchases and we shuffle money back and forth… they get me little things now and again and I spoil them at Christmas. Besides having shared cards and accounts with my parents, I have no opportunity to get into that mess. I don’t lend money to other people and I sure as hell don’t borrow anything. I hate the thought of owing someone.

20. Doing the right thing….

Completely sucks 100% of the time. It never comes easy, you never get what you want, and sometimes it really hurts. But in the end, it’s worth it because the consequences of doing the wrong thing are always far worse.