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I love this story, so I’m going to keep it in it’s original form. This happened my 5th day in Spain when I was staying at a hotel in Grenada. I told my Mom what transpired via Facebook messaging. I’ve copied and pasted for your viewing pleasure because… well, because I think it’s awesome. Strong language ahoy!

2:01pm – Mom
lmao, european plumbing!

2:01pm – Katie Renee
Dude this shit is weird
Their toilets flush weird

2:02pm – Mom
as long as they flush, all good

2:02pm – Katie Renee
Like, the one here (the apartment) you push down.
The one at the hotel… geez it took me freaking forever!
I was trying to press down, and I moved it all around…
I stood there getting so mad that I was like, so retarded
Finally, I found out I had to pull it up
So yay right?
This morning I had to take a shower,
So I went in the bathroom and there was a shower by itself and a bathtub shower
But the bathtub one had a shower head right in the middle
So I was like… okay. I got the curtain all arranged, expecting it to fall straight down
Turned it on
And the damn thing shot right into my face.
Like, right into it.
Ice water.
In the morning.
I was so freaking pissed off
And wet
So I was like, fuck that shit, I’m using the other shower
So I get that all ready
And I get it started
And I’m watching it
And the water isn’t draining right
So I lunged and turned it off as a tidal wave spilled over onto the floor
Went under the door
It was a disaster
So I was mopping up the hallway and the floor
Again, pissed off so damn much
I thought about not showering
But my hair was gross
So… whatever.
I made the bathtub shower work by pulling the thing down so it was straight
But it got the last laugh, because when I turned off the water, the shower head fell out of the holder and smacked me on the head.

Fuck European plumbing.

So for all my followers in Europe, I think you guys are awesome, but your plumbing despises me with the burning passion of a thousand suns. And I assure you, no operator error was involved. Your plumbing is just magically possessed by an entity that hates me, because that’s the only plausible explanation I can bring myself to accept.