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In an amusing turn of events, my family has discovered my blog. What resulted was hilarity.

So, during my crisis moment while I was on vacation, I blogged because… Well, I blog my feelings. My sister has a blog where she talks about the horrors of being a PHD student, various TV fandoms, and her martial arts stuff. Contrasted with my blog… yeah. I read her blog and I feel like this:

Mean Girls!

Mean Girls!

Anyway, while I was having my crisis moment, my family freaked out like they have never freaked out before. Apparently, Mom and Dad got so worried they asked my sister for help, and Amanda told them to check my blog. When I found out that they went through my blog, I was like…

Dr. Who?

Dr. Who?

I turned crimson because apparently, complete strangers reading my blog doesn’t bother me, but to have my family read it is just beyond horrifying. That makes a ton of sense, I know. I’m well aware. Thankfully, they said it was the most amusing thing that they’d read in a long time. My Mom informed me that if I think she’s that far into the grave, the end must be nigh indeed (add a well timed eyeroll). My brother would add, “She feels the cold, stale breath of the reaper… edging ever closer to harvest her immortal soul…” In contrast, Dad gleefully informed me that he’s investing in adult diapers because he’s gonna ride this crisis train to the bitter end. If I’m going to lament his mortality, he’s gonna make the most of it.

I must admit I find my feelings amusing at times. I happen to be very in touch with them. Sometimes that’s good because I can offer a kind ear to many people in difficult situations. I’d like to think I’ve experienced a lot in my 20 years. However, sometimes I write something and I feel like it comes across like this:

The list is long indeed....

So yes, this is a post saying that I have a lot of feelings. But my feelings are funny. But they annoy me too… I mean, this blog was not designed to be a forum for my feelings all the time. Maybe it’s because I’m coming out of my depression or whatever, but I kinda want to focus on other parts of my life for a bit. I’m kinda done with the feelings… for now. Although these gifs about feelings are freaking hilarious… tumblr might have odd people, but gifs are cool.