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As I was hanging out with the laser cutter this afternoon at work, I was left alone in the workshop with free run of our Pandora account. Of course after a couple hours, it spat out a song that was quite frankly emotionally heart wrenching.

At the end of the song, I was left with a question that I still don’t have an answer to, so I figured I’d vault this out and see what you guys think.

When we are young, we are taught that one day we’ll meet that perfect person and then everything will fall into place. But what happened to that?

We are never told that maybe someday, someone will ask us to marry them and then change their mind. We aren’t told that maybe our loved one will pass away in an accident. What happens when the the person we love (or ex) starts dating our best friend or the asshole from work? What do we do when our family hates our significant other? When their best friend won’t leave the apartment? When our pet loves nothing more than to pee on the person we’re in love with? These things happen and when they do, the best most of us can come up with is a confused, terrified expression. On the inside, we are screaming because it wasn’t supposed to happen like this. But it does. And when it does, I feel like this:

From the fine tumblrs on tumblr...

From the fine tumblrs on tumblr…

What happened to the old married couple walking in the park holding hands? Did they have to deal with this stuff or were things just different for them because of the time they grew up in? With all of these new obstacles when it comes to relationships, it’s a miracle people get married at all. We have social media (which is naught more than a pit of despair) which allows us limited to no privacy… Social terms have changed drastically and a tide of people are preferring to shun the idea of marriage completely because it only has a 50% chance of working anyway (can’t say I blame them). Marriage aside, if we only think about relationships in general, those are rough too. I mean, it’s essentially a load of crap with limited commitment. It can be argued that the crap is more bearable when the people involved are not legally bound, but it’s still a crap chute. There is so much pressure no matter what and people these days just walk out for the smallest of reasons.

Dysfunctional relationships abound, people are always complaining about the opposite gender, and it seems like it’s easier to walk away more now than it has been in the past. It’s incredibly hard to distinguish a viable relationship from a false one because many people lie out of the fear of being alone.

What happened? Is it really this hard to find stable people who don’t run at the first sign of less than ideal circumstances? It’s not supposed to be like this. Or is it? What is the secret? Is there one? Are we doing something wrong? Are we to blame? Is it technology? Our society?

Any and all thoughts are welcome, because I’ve got nothing but a tin of Bittersweets from Despair.com.

And that wasn’t a joke. That’s the truth.