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Okay, we have a huge problem everyone…

I’m addicted to churros.



Now, I’d never eaten a churro until Monday (stop gasping everyone, it’s okay), but Pandora’s box has now been opened. I tasted the doughy confection of deep fried deliciousness and I haven’t been able to pass a lunch break without shoving at least 4 down my gullet.

I’m getting my last order for a while tomorrow on lunch. The only sad part about leaving my current job it it’s proximity to Tijuana Flats, my favorite Mexican style restaurant. If you haven’t eaten there, it’s big in the south especially in the central Florida area because the founders are graduates from UCF. Seriously, the place is heaven.

Now that I’m disgusted with myself for letting churros pass me by, what else am I missing? No, really guys… what delicious foods would you recommend?