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Okay, maybe not as good as Betty Crocker, but I have my butt parked in my chair and I’m smelling the pie I just baked.


I’ll let that sink in. I just baked a pie.

After I made myself some Alfredo for dinner, complete with shallots and nutmeg. My house is clean, the dishes are done, and I’m listening to my favorite XM station (which is currently playing something German with Bono in it, who I can’t listen to without thinking of the South Park episode about him). I got the monthly billing, 5 appeals, and the entire payerpath account cleared out at my billing job and I have this week and next week off of my exec. assistant job. So basically, this weekend is awesome. Being emotionally stable helps with that a lot, so hurrah on having my weekly incident yesterday. Now we are moving on!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow because that is designated History day. As in the channel, although I will be reading historical fiction so I suppose that could count too. I watch the series they are doing on The Bible and then I watch Vikings. The more I watch Vikings the more I miss The Tudors. That was such a great show, I’m mad that we don’t get HBO and I can’t watch The Borgias. Alas, that is what Netflix is for.

Tomorrow is laundry day, but I’m also making earrings and writing my great grandparents. I also promised Dad some breakfast and I managed to score a recipe for some super fancy french toast. Hopefully it’s delicious, if not… I guess I could just feed him a slice of pie.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far, and I’ll be uploading some entries to the blog challenge tomorrow. I’m going to go eat my pie after doing a happy dance that I got half the day off… I only had to work 2 jobs this week! WOOOO!!!