This is a fantastic piece and a perfect insight into my own personal religious beliefs. Please give this a read and leave some positive feedback for the author. I think she deserves some for being so brave by putting this out there.



“God gives us the darkness, so we can see the stars” – Johnny Cash.

If you are expecting some sort of personal testimony proclaiming an ever lasting love to the Lord our God, please cease reading. Equally, if you’re here because you thought that this would be a scathing satirical commentary on the joys of secularism, I would similarly direct you to the little red cross inset at the top right hand corner of your screen. My intention for this post is not to offend nor is it in advocation of a set of religious beliefs. I would like to talk to you about my God – I don’t think you two have met.

Someone somewhere once probably said that it’s impolite to talk about religion, politics and sex in the company of strangers. This anonymous philosopher clearly pre-dated the internet, where we seem to focus on little else.


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