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I have it.

If I die, know I loved you all.

In between my coughing and pathetic mewling I have managed to entrench myself in my recliner. Since I got home from work last night, I have moved from here to my bed, and then I guess to the kitchen (when I have to). I am suffering from carpal tunnelesque symptoms, my whole head feels like it’s being squeezed to death and I can’t type for shit. And the fever. And the aches.

And someone quit in optical last week and 3 people are out on vacation… So I’ll be there. Suffering. We are on less than half staff all week..

Excuse me, I need to hack up a lung.

Let me tell you something else. We don’t have soup in the pantry. That is bullshit of the highest order! The audacity. The sheer audacity, you have to have soup in the pantry for days like this. Argh!

And the freaking weather radio keeps going off and I meanΒ screaming… thank you National Weather Service but I have a headache and sirens going off AGAIN AGAIN!!

Two Days Later

I had to hide in the closet for a couple of hours because there was a tornado heading straight for my house. So I fell asleep in the closet to the sound of hail hitting the skylights. Argh.

And because I was out of power from then until past 12 AM, I am so behind on everything. Argh!!