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Alright everyone, y’all are too damn productive. I’ve been reading and typing for 3 solid hours now and I’m still 5 and a half days behind on your blogs. Damn. And everything I’m reading has been awesome, so congrats everyone. I might have glanced ahead but you know how I am. Must comment on interesting things!

So tomorrow I’m going to be hanging out with you guys. At least until I’m caught up and adequately updated. I have news people! Big news! Good news! In several areas of life and I’m super excited to share when it’s not an ungodly hour. So first I will catch up on blogs, then I will catch up on comments (which your comments were awesome this week and they really brightened up several nights after hellish days at work), and then I need to overhaul pages and get my life organized. And I also have a proposal to finish. Goodness, days off are busy. Anyway…

Song of the Week.

We have one.

Here it is:

Hell yeah.