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I got the day off from my weekend boss which means that this weekend is my first weekend off in… well, forever since I got back from Spain in January.

I thought about going to the bookstore or going out to a movie, but I drive every other day, so why on Earth would I drive today? Besides, my Mom was excited to be able to spend some time with me, we haven’t seen each other in a while. I’ve been at the table laboring over my beadseses (go back and read that with a Gollum voice) for most of the day because my sister mailed me back a bag of necklace to fix from Louisiana (she’s studying for her doctorate) with a note lamenting their condition… they were strung on fiber cord that disintegrated in the campus library.

This is odd considering mine also fell apart in the campus library a couple years ago. Side note: People will get freaked out if you are crawling around under the computer banks… something about someone randomly popping up underneath their desk freaks them out. I feel like I should also make a joke at the expense of Monica Lewinski right now, but I’ll refrain.

I restrung her necklace on wire and updated her clasp so no more breakage should occur. I also danced around my kitchen trying my best to pull it apart while chanting the opening song from Civ IV – Warlords. I shall include it for your viewing pleasure. Skip to 1:17 and laugh at my insanity.

While Mom was gone for a month after my sister got into a car accident, I bought a lot of pendants to make necklaces. While I was showing them to my Mom, she picked out one I had great plans for and said how much it looked like Amanda (my sister). So I was benevolent and I relinquished one of my best designs to her. Then I helped cook dinner and bake dessert. But other than that, it was a quiet day.

I’m curled up in the chair watching Dr. Who feeling somewhat panicky because I feel like I should be doing something. But there is nothing to do. Is this what it feels like to relax? I’m freaking out. Freaking out freaking out. Or is that because I’m watching the Doctor and Clara being chased around by a soul vampire? I need a glass of wine.

I can drink a glass of wine because I don’t have to work in the morning!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!