“Song of the Week” followers, this one is for you. I get a ton of my new music from Mike (who you can find above) because he finds gems like this.

The Music Cave

Just about every dude in LA or Nashville is sporting a power beard thee days, so when I am looking for good new artist it’s easy to overlook many of them. I was drawn to this cover of the 90’s classic “No Diggity” by a power bearded dude named Chet Faker. For the record Chet Faker is a pretty sweet name, it’s a name that almost sounds like it would belong to a gangster or a crooked lawyer.  The song has just a sweet soulful groove and really pays homage to the original as best that a bearded white guy can do. So check it out and let me know what you think? Good but nowhere near as good as the original but worth a play!

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