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Break Room Stories

I had a really ghetto couple at my table once when I was working at a mexican restaurant. I brought them the bill. It was only like 27$. The guy takes it, looks at it, says “I gotta go get my wallet out of my car.” I didn’t think anything about it since the woman didn’t move. I walk back to the register and she stands up faster than I thought she could move, and starts yelling “HE RUNNIN HE RUNNIN DAT MO’FUCKA LEAVIN!” and a whole slew of expletives.

The asshole got in his car and took off, leaving her there while she’s cussin up a storm, threw her chair down and spilled dishes all over the floor and shit. I run to the door and this fat bitch runs right by me, bowls me over (she had a good two-hundred pounds on me) and just takes off running…

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