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Was something else.

1. The entire phone system crashed at the office for 3 days. No faxes, no phone calls… then the phones came back up but they were completely screwed up. This is a problem because:

    • We had static problems on the lines because of new equipment that was apparently installed incorrectly. Neither company could or would fix it. So we switched network carriers when we found someone who was an “expert” on our phone system.
    • The dude is a probable misogynist with the emotional range of a teaspoon and the clarity of onyx.
    • He forgot the appointment he made with the office to train us, resulting in 20+ pissed off people who had no clue how to answer the phone because aforementioned dude set it up to where we couldn’t just pick up the phone to answer it.
    • Who the hell thinks having to press 3 different buttons to answer the phone is a great idea?

      Who the hell thinks having to press 3 different buttons to answer the phone is a great idea?

    • He didn’t listen to what we told him to do when we finally got a hold of him and had all the lines ringing to 3 phones in 1 department.
    • He then refused to correct it unless threatened and gave a bullshit reason why, while looking down his nose at us.
    • That department mentioned above was my department, which was only staffed by 2 people (myself being one of them)… Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!

2. Drama

3. It was the last night of our 9 month Bible study this week (HALLELUJAH!!!) but before you judge me and be all like “What you mean you don’t like Bible study? You don’t like Jesus? Jesus cries every time you say something snarky on your blog about hating Bible study… omg u r horible 4 realz yo!” Let me explain.

  • It’s not that I don’t like Bible study, it’s that I don’t like some people.
  • There was a member and his wife who were a bit… too comfortable around my family. To the point he was attempting to get in all cozy with my Mom and him and his wife would show up an hour early and expect to be fed. It’s fine to be invited, but to just show up without anyone telling them that they could? The wife was supposed to be learning to cook and helping Mom but instead would appear 3 minutes before dinner. Or a half hour late. Whichever was preferred by them. 
  • In addition, one person had no trouble helping himself to the cookies, but had issues getting a drink by himself. My name is Katie, and I am not a goddamn waitress, especially if you shake your glass in my direction and look at me pointedly. Use your words. I will smile and be sweet, but I will entertain thoughts of what should go into your glass. 
  • The start time was supposed to be 7 because I have a stressful job and I work late, but that was changed by said person because it’s much more convenient to show up for dinner then to drive home, eat, and then come over. So every night I’d show up after a long day only to be rushed into the living to listen to this guy tell us whatever we were supposed to be learning. I’m a bitch when I’m hungry, especially on nights that I don’t get to eat until 9:30 because…
  • These people would not fucking leave. Study would be over and they would stay for another few hours. My parents would be pointedly talking about how tired they were and how Dad had work in the morning. They didn’t leave until I started throwing them out. Nice? No. But it was well deserved.
  • They used my bathroom. Unless I love you, you can’t shit in my toilet. It freaks me the fuck out.
  • I don’t want to hear anything coming out of someone’s mouth if it is pompous and pretentious. I don’t want to hear about how awesome your job is by comparison and how awesome you are and how much money you make and so on and so forth, it makes me gag. And then I don’t want to hear anything else you have to say about anything, especially if the story focuses on humility. Humility is like religion: it should be obvious in your life, not screamed out at the top of your lungs to anyone within hearing distance.

I feel like a terrible person for letting this bother me, but the thing is that it was a complete pain in the ass. It was stressful, uncalled for, and the requests that I made to make it a bit easier were immediately dismissed because it was easier for other people to take advantage of my parents. What do I know though? I’m just me.

4. My first boyfriend is moving back home to my city. I’m not quite sure what this will bring, especially because I still work for his family and they are like my own family. They have said to my face that I am the woman they want for their daughter-in-law. I don’t know how this is going to go over, I don’t want any stress. I also know that they are all praying that Chris finds it in him to maybe make amends. As far as I’m concerned, we were both kids and nothing should be held against anyone, but everything else is a giant question mark. It was 5 years ago and I believe in second chances if the person is really worth it. But the Chris I knew would rather disembowel himself with a piece of plastic cutlery than admit a bad choice, so slim chance.

5. Bills… I hate them. But I love tax returns!

So that’s about it. All of the above kept me on my toes all week. But I have a full weekend!