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Listen up! This is a memo to y’all dramatic people.

You know who you are. You are always running from one place to the other, eyes sparkling, mouth gaping wide because of the secrets pouring out of it, nails flying in the air… Gretchen Wieners is your mascot.

Thank you tumblr!

Thank you tumblr!

Now there are those people who see drama as a way of life. There is no other way besides the drama way. On the other hand, there are people such as myself who see the entire display as meaningless, unnecessary, and annoying at best. 

On behalf of all the people like me out there, I’d let to send out a public announcement. Drama people: Whether at work, school, the movie theater, Olive Garden… I don’t really care where. If you are in a public place where other people share space, keep your drama to yourself. Seriously, keep it away from me and people like me. I’m allergic to it. Normally drama simply annoys people, but even the slightest whiff of drama pisses me off to a level I previously thought unattainable.

I have issues with drama because all of it is just pointless. It’s pointless because dramatic people just want a rise out of the other people involved and then they get pissed unless the reaction surpasses their initial expected outcome. It’s not like anything can be resolved with drama, if anything the situation gets worse. The entire pointless nature of the subject at hand is a problem for people like myself because I legitimately don’t care, I’m just mad that I’m being distracted. I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but my time is important and unless you contribute something valuable to my life, I don’t pause for a second. Dancing in front of me and parading the latest gossip is something I don’t care for. No, no I do not. 

Another main reason why drama shouldn’t be shared is the fact that it is just exhausting. It’s exhausting just listening to people regale their various tales of drama because the panicked tone, meaningful whispers, and changes in body language take thought to interpret. I don’t want to waste my brain power on something so trivial, yet my scumbag brain betrays me and focuses in anyway. But I feel that it is important to focus in on one key factor drama people miss: they are so miserable and unhappy because of their own choices.

Instead of fixing their own problems, drama people complain about them and seek to find a savior. Either that, or they want to be showered with attention, even if it comes in the form of pity. It really is much less work to sit down and think about your life. I’m serious… think about the choices that you make and the reasons why you make them.  More than that, think about the places that you want to go. Really think about what is in the way of you moving forward with your life. And then act on them. If you hate them, change them. If you love certain qualities, nurture them.  Have problems? Fix them yourself.

Because a lot of other people like myself are really tired of hearing about it.