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  1. Still love my job even though everyone in the damn office gets flowers delivered… but me. Cue the Eric Clapton.
  2. I got life insurance this week! I’m actually worth something now! If something happens to me, my sister will be able to pay for the remainder of her 4 years of doctoral school. I’m happy knowing that my legacy would be inflicted on thousands of students for decades to come…
  3. Beaded a 3 part necklace for my brother’s costume and it is “flawless” as he so said. I’ll have to upload a picture of him in his costume to show all of you the scope of the beading and designing that has occurred!
  4. Got my car fixed. New calipers, rotors, brake lines…
  5. Managed to work a full day while still making sure my Mom wasn’t quietly dying by calling her at least once an hour to make sure she was still picking up the phone. Multitasking!
  6. Met the most awesome lady today. When I’m 90, I want to be just like her.
  7. Explained American insurance to a man from Sweden who is extremely cute and flies helicopters or something…
  8. Finished my book on food engineering after a long four months. I’m never eating a hot pocket again.
  9. Started reading some of the Reagan diaries. Not as riveting as Game of Thrones, but still a worthy read.
  10. Had a discussion with Mama about shutting up and making new friends already (sigh). Why do Moms always have to be right?
  11. Ran into two guys I grew up with and managed to not freak out about how my life is flying by. And about how abnormal I feel next to people my own age who aren’t even college juniors yet.
  12. Met a wonderful, sweet micro biologist I’ll probably never see again. His name was Christopher. Damn my professionalism, I wish he’d have asked me out!
  13. I got started on some Medieval research I’m doing for my next project.
  14. I’m getting back into making ceramics, also for my project.
  15. Learning how to bead weave… also for new project. But I did add another section of my bead collection just for the specialty stuff I’ll be making.
  16. I’m learning how to sew… new project. Picked out 3 patterns today and I’ll start looking for fabric soon. Do you know how difficult it is to find patterns for the 12th and 13th century?
  17. I might be camping in the future. Yes, for project. I also picked out a tent that I’m seriously considering.
  18. Coffee date with Kara soon!
  19. Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend which means…Β my first 3 day weekend!Β 
  20. Less than a month until my first conference… Which my employer is paying for because it’s additional education.
  21. Dinner at an awesome restaurant in a couple of weeks courtesy of some of our materials company reps… I will taste the legendary fried green beans!
  22. I’m focusing on stopping at random times and finding something to be happy about no matter where I am or how I feel. It’s time to make my life joyful again.
  23. I spent some surprise time off with my Mom. I took her out to lunch and fun times were had.
  24. Did I mention Christopher? Ugh, I haven’t been this interested in anyone for a very long time. He was smart and so, so nice. And I’ll probably never see him again. If it is meant to be, I’ll run into him somewhere. Somewhere that is not at work. When I can say “call me” on a business card without having it be unprofessional.
  25. All in all, a great week was had. If only I’d managed to snag a coffee date with Christopher… Mom said I should send a post card or something, but I think that would be weird. If it is meant to be, it will be. Right?