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I’ve been nominated for an award (a huge thank you goes to This is not a journal.), and although I never participate in awards (I’m weird, I know), I refuse to disappoint one of my oldest, most talented, and most dedicated readers.

So here are my answers to your questions!


1. Where is your favorite place in the whole world?

As strange as it sounds, my favorite place is home. Home, where I can walk around in whatever I want to wear, hang out in my workshop or study… cook whatever I want to eat and sleep in my own bed. Home is home, it’s irreplaceable and the best  place for me to be.

2. If you could “disapparate” to a different moment in time, to the past or the future where would you go, and what would you do?

[pause for Harry Potter reference appreciation]

I know this has probably been done, but I would go back in time and prevent the Library of Alexandria from being burned. How? No damn clue. But if I succeeded… we would live in a very different world.

3. What’s the most exotic place that you’ve been to?

Well, I love to travel. I’ve been to Spain, but I’ve also been to Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, islands in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, most of the East Coast, and some parts of the Midwest. Exotic… hrm. That’s an interesting one because people come to where I live and call it exotic. I’ll go with St. Maartin… they have better beaches.

4. What’s your biggest regret in life?

Somehow telling myself that it was okay for people to treat me like shit because they had problems or were going through a lot. Basically, selling myself short for a long time and not standing up for myself. I’ve learned that you can’t get that far in life when you are a doormat for other people, and not learning that sooner is my biggest regret.

5. Are you superstitious?

No. I’m spiritual, but I’m not skipping cracks and running from black cats.

6. Who’s your favorite author/poet? Can you recommend any good reads?

My favorite author is Libba Bray, but my favorite poem is “The Lady of Shallot” by Tennyson.

7. Describe yourself using one adjective that you believe best suits you.

Someone called me brave once.

8. What’s the first thing you can actually remember doing as a child? What’s your very first memory?

As depressing as this is, my first memories are of the cancer wing at FH East. When I was about 3, my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. For a long time he had to go for radiation every morning. Mom would put me in the car after breakfast and the three of us would go to Daddy’s appointments. I remember it because everyone on staff was always so happy to see me. They had a little snack table in the waiting room, and they always made sure they had chocolate chip cookies for me. One of the young men working behind the desk would always walk to the main hospital before he got to work to get me a carton of chocolate milk. I used to sneak around and say hi to him because he’d always give me an extra cookie with my milk. I’m not sure who was happier when Dad got the news he was in remission… the staff or my Mom. They always said Dad was too young and had too much to live for. But my thought on this?

Fuck cancer, eat cookies.

9. Do you have any special tricks up your sleeve? Something cool that you can do, like a back flip or balancing a chair on your finger? Any hidden talents?

Well, I’m a crafty bitch. I sew, I make jewelry, I embroider, I paint, and although I absolutely suck at clay sculpting, but I’ve recreated 3 historic pieces from Ancient Egypt. That’s about it… Oh, and I can read really fast. About 70-100 pages an hour, depending on the font.

10. Tea or coffee? (I know it sounds like a dumb question but it says a lot to me!)

I’m going to be difficult. I like frappacinos on most days, it’s a treat I get myself. The more caramel, the happier I am. But when it’s winter, or I’m sad, or cold, or achy, I’ll make a pot of flavored tea and drink it while I watch TV. My absolute favorite drink is hot cocoa… I’m obsessed.

11. What did the ghost say to the bee?

I’m waiting for you to tell me. 😉