On behalf of mankind, read this. The sanity of people everywhere hangs in the balance!

The Word By Mike Ballenger


Guess what I had for dinner?

Tacos. Sorry, I apologize that I failed to take a picture of the tacos to prove to all my Facebook friends. If you happen to be one of the people who feel the need to take a picture of your Applebees chicken fingaz, I am telling you now to stop being a douche-head. Nobody and I mean nobody does or should give a shit about other people’s food. This has become a trend by adults nonetheless on Facebook, and the shit just needs to stop. I mean you always get two pictures right? The “pre-game” photo that shows a BBQ sangwitch and a cold beer. The picture caption always reads something like “Cold beer and a slice of heaven for me this evening”….Then you have the “aftermath” picture that shows and empty glass and no sangwitch.

STOP right here!

The caption should read “I had dinner…

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