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I am adding this to the line of PSA’s announcing changes on blogs. If you are like me, you like knowing what to expect. Blog renovations change the expected, so announcements must be sent out to explain what the heck was done and why. As a testament to how behind I get, I have just now finished my blog renovation. 3 months later.

No, my theme hasn’t changed. Yes, the cover art is the same. Basically, what I did was revamp the pages and change around the categories. I took down the pages for my 101 in 1001 challenge and my list catalog, replacing them with 2 things I’m rather proud of. I have an interactive library catalog to discuss all manner of literature in addition to a chronicle of my music tastes.

These two pages will join the about/house rules page and combine to make a personal, yet uncluttered statement.

I also added a “work” category for my blog. I talk about it enough, why not give it it’s own tab?

Yes, my renovations were lame. But hey, they are there and I’m happy with them.

Happy Memorial Day everybody!