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America is a country that was forged with courage, bravery, and war. No institution is more integral to our history as a nation than our armed forces. No matter what stance you take on war and on America’s past, take today to celebrate the lives of those who served with honor.

Just because today is an American holiday, that doesn’t mean only Americans should be celebrated. All those who took up arms in the service of their country should be honored. Men of character should be remembered no matter what uniform they wore. Heroes also wore French uniforms during the American Revolution. They wore the uniforms of Nazi Germany alongside German nation hero Grand Field Marshall Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel, who was killed for trying to assassinate Hitler. Some wore no uniforms at all, such as the Canadians who fought under the OSS in WWII.

Let the courage and bravery of all other nations be remembered alongside our own service members. Until we live in a world where we can talk through our differences, our armed forces will be needed to protect our homelands and the ideals we hold in the highest esteem.

For my uncle Floyd, who suffered from PTSD after he returned from Vietnam.
For my Grandfather, who can’t talk about WWII because he remembers the men he killed and he cries.
For my father, who joined the Air Force and serves his country to this day.
For my friend Joey, who graduated college and joined the Army to get a career foundation.
For my boss James, who joined the Army to experience the world and start his adult life.

May your service always be honored, never degraded, and never forgotten.