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I am so done with this thing. I swear to God I could throw my work bench across the house and walk away. I don’t blog about the extremely trivial and mundane facets of my existence much, but this particular problem amuses me, so I shall tell you about it.

One of my talents is making jewelry, because I blatantly refuse to pay for it. I do. I got hosed a couple of years ago when I bought a freshwater pearl necklace on a cruise. I paid $50 for it (on sale, thank you), but in reality it’s less than $10 to put together. When I found that out, I was pissed and I swore I would never let it happen again. Sometimes my talent born of rage comes in handy.

My brother and I are joining a historical preservation society to spend time together. To prepare, we have to do a ton of research on our chosen time period, including a bunch of stuff on everyday life. While we are at our chosen event (sometimes a week long, although I refuse to use my vacation time for anything less than a sail to somewhere with nice beaches) we have to wear the clothes from the time period, eat the food, etc. So basically, we’ve been sewing and beading and crying out in rage because our time period is New Kingdom Egypt during the reign of Thutmose III. I still have to sew all my linen pieces (which amuses me greatly because the women actually went topless in Egypt but I don’t care to flash anyone), but Jase and I have been spending most of our time recreating jewelry pieces we’ve found in the Metropolitan Museum. The results have been varied.

I am losing my mind. 

Literally, it has run away screaming. Can someone please explain to me how recreating jewelry from thousands of years ago is kicking my ass? We had a 4 hour session tonight and I am completely exhausted. And I got my ass handed to me. I couldn’t figure out the clasps or ratios, the designs and patterns… I’ve spent the last couple of hours pouring over research and looking at exhibitions in the Met. I’ll be damned if I have to sit down and weave a freaking collar. I refuse. I got a book on it and this lady was all like “oh bead weaving is so easy… all you have to do is…” 500 steps later, one bead is secured. 3000 more to go! Hell no. No. I am lazy, far too lazy for that.

So until I figure this out, I’m going to be seething in rage because the good stuff is hard to make and everything else just looks like absolute crap. Nerd problems… they are dire indeed.