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Argh, the format on here changed. Do not want at this hour. Do not want!

1. There is a stack of papers on my desk that I seem to be mentally stuck on

2. I came home and watched a documentary on burial practices in the Himalayas

3. I ate an entire pizza tonight

4. My cat is trying to take over my bed and make me sleep on the couch

That is literally all I have for you.

Oh, and I tried to top off my gas tank like I used to have to do in my old car and ended up with a gas geyser. I cursed and ranted at the pump and some chick leaned around and disrupted me with “this pump isn’t taking my card”. I’m cursing and covered in gas and you are worried about your credit card? I don’t even work here! Plus that was the only time anyone has ever talked to me at a gas station in my entire 6 years of driving. /Rant

Hope y’all are having a great week! I’m ready for the final Friday push and a nice weekend spent remodeling my house. Maybe “nice” is not the word of choice here…