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Elitist people are the freaking worst.

We all know the type and if you can’t think of anyone who qualifies, let me give you some examples.

1. The asshole who walks in to anywhere that has a line and just ignores it. This dick goes to the front of the line and demands to be served immediately. Meanwhile, you and the rest of your fellow decent citizens stare at him willing his pants to erupt in flames. He either gets served or he explodes on whomever/whatever is providing the service everyone has been waiting on and leaves in a dramatic huff.

2. The people who think that they are too good for everything. They are too good for that table, too good for that place, too good for anyone who works a particular job… I swear sometimes I find myself leaning towards violence with people like that. It’s all about the looks that they give other people, the looks of “You are so beneath me, don’t even breathe the same air I do.” I hate this because it’s a lie. No one lives a perfect life, no one has the right to look down on other people who have lived different lives.

3. The name droppers. “I know (insert famous person I literally don’t give a single shit about here).” “I’m close personal friends with (someone they think you will care about).” It’s like screaming for attention with a megaphone – in the middle of the library. I don’t care about how you know the 4th back up drummer for the Rolling Stones. I care that you think your worth is based on who you know, not who you are.

4. The people that think they are so important that when they make a mistake, they expect someone else to take the blame because they are too “good” to take responsibility.

This is prompted by something that happened to me today at work. Some lady walked in and thought she had an appointment. The doctor she was seeing was out of the office so I let her know and I tried to figure out what was going on. This chick flipped her shit on me in less than 2 seconds. I got rant about how I sucked, how the office sucked, how our systems sucked, how everything was our fault. How she was close personal friends with my boss. She got on her phone and started ranting at her husband talking about me when I was literally 1 foot in front of her on my computer trying to figure out what the hell happened. She waved her hands all up in my face, got into the elevator, and she was still ranting on the way to the first floor. I could still hear this woman when after the doors closed and the elevator was in motion.Β Can you guys imagine my face? My “Are you for fucking real lady? Are you shittin’ me right now?” face? That one? Yeah. Because I had it on.

The best part is that it was a simple system glitch. Her appointment was set aside on another day with her husband and she had made 3 appointments this year for the same thing. The poor system got confused! I had it fixed within two minutes. When her husband called (who was really, really nice), my department explained what happened and told him that everything was fixed. I will be seeing them next week.

So why did this lady feel like it was okay to treat me with such disrespect? Elitism.

I hope she was just having a bad day. I hope that she feels somewhat remorseful for being a psycho to me. But most of all, I hope she realizes her attitude sucks ass.

But what do I know? I’m just the chick who has a degree in suckage, working in the most sucktacular place, sucking up all the special oxygen while contaminating the world with my sucking stupidity.

Bet you read that last part wrong. πŸ˜‰