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So, I scared a patient today and it was actually an accident.

This patient came in and he was really giving me a hard time about asking him for his photo ID. I get that sometimes, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. The guy was being a real jerk and I was just about done with him when I gave him this look. I don’t know what look it was, but it was evidently terrifying because he began to profusely apologize to me. I told him not to do that to me as a joke because I get the same treatment often enough for real and I was about over it.

Apparently he managed to insult at least one person in every department afterward, including one of our doctors. I guess he was joking with me but not with anyone else. I found out about his bad behavior when I was walking out the door and everyone was astonished that I could summon enough of a death glare or whatever the hell it was to stand my ground against the guy.

All I could think of on my drive home is how I’m turning into my Mother.