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The Background

My blogging has died down for the past while because I’ve been dealing with and coming to terms with something I like to call “Blog Wrong Expectations”. This is when I write something, I post it, someone else comes along and reads it, usually a complete stranger, and then takes their valuable time to insult my work because it didn’t meet their expectations. I write a comedy post, they are upset because it isn’t educational. I write a post on social commentary, they are upset because of what I focused on. I write an argumentative post, they get pissed because I didn’t choose the “right” examples. I write about something that happened in my life, someone reads it differently and contorts this sordid story out of it.

I understand that reading is subjective, but personal space is not. Respect is not. Boundaries are not. I’ve been called a lot of things in my blog career, racist being one of my favorites (for a post arguing for racial equality in all things, I still can’t wrap my brain around that one). The words “imagine my disappointment” in a comment flip my crazy switch for a lot of reasons. Am I overreacting to the nature of these comments? Absolutely.

The Issue

My issue is that people hide behind a keyboard and they say whatever they want to and it’s accepted. It is almost expected to have trolls in the comments. I count myself lucky that I have a great spam filter and full use of my middle finger, but it annoys me that I have to use it.

I know this is unrealistic, but what happened to “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.” Even better, why would you write something in a comment that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. I mean would anyone really get up in the middle of a book reading and go “Your work sucks, you should have done (whatever) instead, I’m so disappointed” because they would have written something different from the original author? 99% of writers, bloggers, musicians… hell, people in general would never do something like that because it’s so rude.

The Message

So this is just a little message reminding everyone that strokes on the keyboard are like voices. Anything you wouldn’t say to someone either:

1: In a room, just the two of you


2: In front of a bunch of strangers who don’t know you 

should not be said.

Just because I can’t physically look at you doesn’t mean it isn’t rude.

It is still unacceptable.

And if you don’t like someone’s work, that is fine. But you don’t have to tell them at length. Just write your own post and be done with it.

All of that being cleared up, I look forward to blogging normally again. It takes a lot to get me off my mojo, but it happened. I won’t let it happen again, at least over an issue like this. But hey y’all, I had to rant a little bit. Let this be a warning to phantom asshole commenters… My trash bin is hungry and ain’t nobody gonna see see your disrespect on their screens.

Finally, thank you to all my regulars who take the time to read what I have to say and leave me awesome comments. My blog would be horrible if it wasn’t for you.