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Well y’all I just got back from another conference. It was awesome, let me tell you. Sadly, there weren’t people having sex in the bushes so I couldn’t heckle them from a water taxi, but hey…

1. Seminars were: Pretesting: What, Why, HowBuilding an Unbeatable Team, Insurance Verification and Filingand Hello? Is Anybody Listening? Improving Communication with Staff and Patients.

2. My office was nicknamed “The Overachievers” because we always sit in the front row at every conference.

3. I was picked to compete in a game with two other people from my office. We were put up against another office in a game where we had to throw ping pong balls into a basket. I was picked to throw the balls the first round and I failed. Miserably. But much fun was had and the winners shared their M&M’s with us, so all was well.

4. The boxed lunch was good, but I drank a Dr. Pepper and had to smother a fart for 5 hours straight.

Since I’ve been up this week every morning between the hours of 5 and 6:30 AM, I am going to enjoy a quiet night in. I plan on completely passing out tonight and revisiting life tomorrow morning. Sorry for the boring update, but like I said… 5 AM conference.