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Look everyone, I love working in healthcare. Truly there is nothing else that I’d rather do in the entire world because the feeling you get when you help someone who is scared and in pain… it just can’t be compared. I love working at a job where the pay doesn’t matter as much as the work itself. But working in healthcare puts you into contact with every single type of person in the world and some people are damn crazy.

I don’t know whether it’s a basic lack of education about the history and function of our government or people just ranting, but the shit I hear is freaking beyond. I told you guys when I got yelled at by the lady about “‘DAT DAYAM OBAMA!!” extensively, but I recently had another run in. This time it was another elderly lady, which makes me wonder, do they believe everything on the internet? Is there a trend? What the hell? Anyway, I was chatting with her about insurance and her benefits and I informed her that her state funded benefits would go down once she was eligible for Medicare. After I told her that, this lady just went off. Here are some of the highlights:

1. The taxes are too damn high. (Obama’s fault)

2. Immigrants. All of them.

3. Obama showering money on illegal immigrants.

4. Obama taking away citizen’s benefits to give to immigrants. 

You can get the general theme here right? I kind of just laughed awkwardly and made neutral noises until she sat down all the while thinking someone needs to stop reading shady blogs and watching Fox News. Sometimes I feel like telling these people how the government really works (you know, votes and congress and stuff), but I just shut the hell up. After all, my job is to take care of them, not make them feel stupid.

Plus I kind of like having stories to make you laugh.

I hope all of you are having an awesome week. I have about 30 posts open so I shall be visiting all of you with comments soon. Until then, I’m going to pass out and get ready for the same routine all over again.