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I’m highly annoyed with myself. I feel like I’ve been too busy doing a whole host of other crap (like working and living and such) that I haven’t been devoting the time and energy that I used to into writing. One writer that I follow did a post about how hard it was for him to commit to writing so he had to literally make a schedule and stick to it. I’m dismayed that I’ve gotten to this point to be honest with everyone, it’s not like I avoid writing or I don’t want to do it, it just… happens. As peeved as I am that the option of a schedule is seriously being debated, I feel like this might be the best route for me.

I mean, this isn’t a little problem by any means. Right now I have 42 blog posts open on my browser and all of them are excellent and worthy of comments. But I also have a whole list of posts I haven’t finished. Finally, I have… about 1 hour tonight to make this all work. The numbers are not going to work, obviously. And then there is my blog itself.

I’m looking at my blog objectively and it has enough emotional shit on it (bad breakup, as most of you well know), but I’m so much more than that and I don’t think that my current blog showcases what it was designed to do in the first place! I do well talking about music on here because I usually remember to post one video a week. But I hardly never talk about my art projects, my history hobbies, the books I’m reading, and you know… the stuff that makes me less crazy. I also don’t talk about the hot button issues on here and that is puzzling because I have categories set aside in my actual blog framework just waiting for posts.

So how much is too much and how much is too little? In terms of time, I honestly don’t know. By the time I get home and get finished with dinner, it is usually about 6. This is what my schedule looks like right now (sadly):

My Schedule... of Sadness

My Schedule of Sadness (and not just because it was thrown together by an amateur). 

So if I set aside 6-7 for blogging every day, 7-8 for SCA stuff, 8-9 for whatever, it doesn’t really take away from my reading time because I always read before bed anyway. This sounds like a good plan and I can just do my chores on the weekend.

This whole thing reminds me way too much of my life during college when even my snacks were planned. I was an absolute beast in college, so maybe I was on to something after all. Well, something besides caffeine, late nights, and stress.

So here we go:

Monday: Social Commentary
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: Political/Theological Commentary
Thursday: Film/Food
Friday: Creative Projects

The weekend I want to have to do anything I really want. I don’t want to feel obligated to do anything then because I’m already obligated to do enough during the week. Hopefully this will provide some consistency and get me to the point I want to be with my blog. I love blogging, so it’s time to put my fingers on the keyboard and get going.