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So I’ve been trying to recreate some Ancient Egyptian garments from the Thutmose III Era for my attire for my first official SCA event. The measuring went fine, the cutting went fine and now I’m on to the pinning and the hemming. Although this has actually been pretty easy so far, I’m having some trouble mustering up motivation to really get this crap sewn.

I am simply not enthused. Here is an example of a dress that I am trying to recreate:

This one has quite a few layers, but most of the style is in how you tie the cloth...

This one has quite a few layers, but most of the style is in how you tie the cloth…

Most of the cloth is just cut into squares, but the dress part has to be cut and sewn at an angle for me to be able to move. I’m planning on making a plain dress with square straps to serve as an under-dress.

Ancient Egypt Robe 2I really like this style of dress so I’m going to make this my second. The strap will be asymmetrical to avoid flashing, which is not allowed at SCA gatherings.

Ancient Egypt Robe 3I will make one of these later, for the winter months. I’m really not into freezing my ass off in the name of historical accuracy.

All in all, I need to pin and sew the cloth I have cut. I also need to order some linen online this weekend. The Egyptians had red, blue, yellow, and green. Although they would have never had enough to make an actual dress out of, I can make some sashes and capes out of the colored linen and possibly some hair accessories. I’m not going to shave off my hair and wear jeweled wigs, but I at least want to be somewhat accurate.

So much to do, so little enthusiasm to sew. But it will be okay in the end when I don’t have something that looks like this. Because that would be shameful and probably get me thrown out of the gathering.

This is forever made of fail.

This is forever made of fail. Unless one plans on going as “slutty Cleopatra” for Halloween.