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So, the dress. It came out great!

I would post a picture for everyone to admire, but the gremlins have claimed the charger for my camera and I have nothing to picture it with. Today I went and got another 5 or so yards of linen to make a couple more outfits because the event I’m going to is 3 days long. I was hoping to get a couple more yards to sew a Kalasiris:


for the Winter (while linen was on sale) but sadly I emptied the bolt of fabric and JoAnn’s only keeps one bolt in stock. Argh.

I have to pin a ginormous shawl and sew that tomorrow. In addition, I have to somehow perfect my Thutmose III era makeup. First off, as a woman who wears just enough makeup to cover minor flaws… I’m drowning. I bought the materials I was told to and I put them on. To my dismay I looked like a whore from the 20’s. Red, red lips, Kohl lined eyes and dark eye shadow are just not going to work for me. I think I’m going to lighten the stain and nix the eye shadow. I know it is period to have all that stuff on my face, but I don’t like feeling like a damn raccoon. A slutty, slutty raccoon.

Speaking of slutty, I finished my dishes today at the art studio. The goblet that I was originally going to paint was sold out and discontinued by the manufacturer so I got stuck with a palm tree goblet. I was thrilled because I’d wanted to paint that goblet weeks ago but I was informed that it was not “period” so I put it back. I painted over a lot of the palm tree details and completely worked over the glass to make the palm tree into a giant lotus. It was working just fine until I turned the glass and came face to face with a giant dick. The artist had a fucked up sense of humor because he put two coconuts hanging from a single palm tree leaf. And when I say hanging, I mean hanging. And the leaf sticks out from the top of the stem and legit looks like a dick. I burst out laughing and showed it to my Mom who then proclaimed my goblet the “cup of porno”. Is the universe trying to tell me something?

I ordered colored linen last week and it might arrive on Monday. I have to cut all that fabric and make all the accent pieces for the dresses, how I’m going to find the time is a mystery. I’m thinking that while I’m at jury duty on Tuesday I might bring my embroidery and start working on some embroidered headpieces. They were very popular, but for me they will be very time consuming. Thank God my Great Grandmother taught me embroidery, but even so… feeling pretty damn screwed right now.

I have about 3 weeks before the event and not enough time. I need to make sure I won’t be naked so that is the first order of business in the morning. Accessories are secondary, and I still have to finish a recreation of a burial chest that I’ve been working on.

Anybody know anything about recreating Egyptian hairstyles? That subject is kicking my butt the most and I refuse to buy a wig or shave my head.