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To say that I am livid is quite an understatement.

So, that letter I sent was received. And it was received favorably. The issue? The guy has a girlfriend. In itself, that would have been just fine had he been the one to tell me that. But he wasn’t. The only reason I found out was because my friend Facebook stalked him, and thank God she did!

So he was hitting on me shamelessly in front of God and everyone, knowing full well that he had a girlfriend, and didn’t see fit to let me know his relationship status because he didn’t think I would find out because I don’t have a Facebook.

Are men dense or insane? Not sure which. Either or, dodged that one. My pride definitely took a hit, and I was quite upset when I found out, but not because I felt rejected. If anything I felt disrespected. And we all know I’ve had enough of that for a lifetime.